Kira-Solutions Oy – the only electricians in the Sähkötreffit service in Imatra

Kira-Solutions Oy is a youthful, growing and professional company that specialises in electrical planning, electrical installation and maintenance services for construction companies and industrial facilities.

Electrical planning means that we determine the level of electrification in your home, listen to your wishes and needs and make a recommendation of what repairs, supplements and new installations are necessary.

When it’s time to make the installations, we focus on safety and always aim at high-quality, cost-effective results by using durable first-rate materials. In order to ensure the safe use of our installations, we always perform implementation inspections according to requirements before taking any electrical installations into use.

Kira-Solutions Oy is the only electrical installation service company in Imatra that has been listed in the Sähkö service. All electrical installation companies listed in the service are members of the Electrical Contractors’ Association of Finland (Sähkö- ja teleurakoitsijaliitto, STUL). They are all reliable and skilled professionals.

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Private customers

We offer our private customers flexible services that are tailored to their needs. For example, we can do a full planning and installation to a small house. We also take care of smaller matters such astrouble shooting as well as repairs or replacement of single wall sockets, light fixtures or electrical heaters. In addition, we can take care of the electrical work in connection with renovation of properties, apartments, sanitary facilities and bathrooms.

All electrical installation will be done quickly, cost-efficiently and, above all, safely by our professional staff, always ensuring the highest quality. In order to secure the safe use and high quality of our installations, we always perform implementation inspections according to requirements before taking the electrical installation into use.


Corporate customers

Property maintenance companies
We offer maintenance and upkeep services for properties. In addition, we take care of trouble shooting and repairs quickly and at competitive prices. This makes us the ideal associate for property maintenance companies.

Construction companies
We take care of all your electrical needs in both new and renovated buildings with the highest expertise. We collaborate with many construction companies and are constantly looking for more companies to join our partner network. We are a reliable and high-class partner. If you are interestedin working with us, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll tell you more!


Industrial services

We offer, among other things, assembly and implementation of machinery for manufacturers of fibre optics. As a subcontractor we can take care of electrical and automation cabling, coupling, testing and implementation. In addition, we design and realise different kinds of customer projects.

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Kira-Solutions Oy

Saunasuontie 71,
55100 Imatra
Tel. 010 666 7400

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Lasse Lankinen

Tel. 010 6667 402
Industry clients, planning

Jukka Kurronen

puh. 010 6667 401
Electrical installations, planning

Member of the Electrical Contractors’ Association of Finland

Member of the Electrical Contractors’ Association of Finland